Simulator of the Month: Ring Fit Adventure

Will Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch help you to get fit?
23 August 2020

Interview with 

Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


Nintendo Switch


Fitness enthusiast Leigh Milner takes Ring Fit Adventure for a spin...

Leigh - I was quite skeptical to begin with because I always think with these things, they don't actually calculate your calorie burn. But actually I was quite surprised. It gets your heart rate up. It gets you to do different movements. So one minute you're jogging, one minute you're squatting one minute, you're doing something else like, like raises and all the while you're being distracted by playing a video game and trying to beat baddies and trying to get through obstacles. So it is a fun way of getting fit.

However, there are a few flaws to it. So the first, it was only the first kind of workout as such, but you only had a choice of four kind of movements. So you can either do a squat or a yoga chair move. I'd like a more, you know, a wider range of movements. It's quite repetitive.

Also, it's quite interesting because I have a smartwatch and I was I'm comparing it to how many calories it said on there. And actually it said I burned fewer calories on the game compared to my smartwatch. So I don't know how accurate it actually is. 

If you, if you really take your fitness extremely seriously, I don't think it's for you. I'd stick with your PT sessions or the gym.

But if you just want a fun way of getting fit, then this is definitely for you and it is extremely fun and it gets you going.



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