Some Neuroscientist's Jokes!

Closing the show from New Zeland with some Kiwi jokes.
20 February 2014

Interview with 

Alisa McGregor, Maurice Curtis, Mike Dragunow, Auckland University


we close the Naked Down Under show series with some of the Auckland scientists' favourite jokes...

Mike -   Well, it's someone bringing back a parrot to a pet shop in one of the old A girl smiling or laughing.monkey python movies and the owner of the pet shop is trying to convince the person bringing it back that it actually is alive and isn't dead at all.  They just to and fro, it's a fantastic skit.

Lynette -   I can only remember one.  It's pretty terrible.

Hannah -   Yeah, that's fine.

Lynette -   It's my daughter's joke.  What's green and goes up?

Hannah -   I don't know.  What's green and goes up?

Lynette -   A cucumber in the elevator.

Maurice -   My favourite joke is a kid joke and it's one that my wife just hates when I tell.  It's, will you find a legless tortoise?  And the answer of course is, when you lift it.  That's pretty bad, isn't it?

Alisa -   Scientists don't really do humour.  We're not a normal cross-section of the population.

Hannah -   And that's all we have time for.  Thanks to all those in the New Zealand Naked Scientists series.  That's Richard Faull, Richard Price, Lynette Tippett, Russell Schnell, Jenny Morton, and Alyssa McGregor, Malvinder Singh-Bains, Maurice Curtis and Mike Dragonow. 

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