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18 April 2023

Would it be as simple as being squashed, or is there more to it?

18 April 2023

If black holes cannot be seen, how do we know that they are there?

18 April 2023

How do they form, what kinds of black holes are there, and how do they mess with time?

14 April 2023

Magnetic fields protect life on Earth from space radiation, and they might be doing the same on other worlds

17 March 2023

30 year old images have been reanalysed, and might show a lava flow.

10 March 2023

On the lineup this time...

10 March 2023

Who will fare best against the infamous Q&A quiz?

03 March 2023

What caused the aurora that was seen so far south?

03 February 2023

Machine made algorithm helps to identify signals of interest...

31 January 2023

How the next industrial revolution might take place in space

31 January 2023

How are solar flares formed, and how can they disrupt our satellites?

31 January 2023

Satellites can spot changes in water colour that predict outbreaks of diseases

31 January 2023

The large number of satllites in orbit are causing problems for astronomers on Earth

13 January 2023

But scientists assure this is only a bump in the road...

10 January 2023

Let's meet the fine minds featuring in this Q&A...

10 January 2023

How will the panellists fare against our science quiz?

12 December 2022

How a new method of harnessing magnets can extend the life of space junk

25 November 2022

What Perseverance has revealed about the potential for life on Mars...

21 November 2022

Joining us this week...

11 November 2022

The scientific hub coordinating extra-terrestrial communication strategies...

07 October 2022

Scientists pre-empting how they might help earth avoid asteroids...

30 September 2022

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation from the big bang may allow us to see further back than with light

30 September 2022

Does machine learning hold the key to unravelling the mysteries of dark energy?

22 August 2022

And why Earth has such a plain name compared to the other planets