Interviews about Space Science

Interviews about space science, astronomy, rockets, planets, galaxies, stars...

13 October 2020

Meet the winning discoveries: Hepatitis C, the gene editing technique CRISPR, and a supermassive black hole...

22 September 2020

Scientists have detected a gas in Venus' atmosphere that they can't explain...

15 September 2020

Space scientist Katie Mack and space journalist Richard Hollingham talk space science with Chris Smith...

08 September 2020

The square kilometre array is set to be the biggest telescope, but how does it work?

08 September 2020

We look at the telescope that's hoping to fill Hubble's sizable boots.

08 September 2020

Some telescopes don't use light, they use gravity...

08 September 2020

How did telescopes come into focus

11 August 2020

A key Mars mission - that we featured on the programme a few weeks ago - has gotten underway...

04 August 2020

Where on Earth can you get the best view of the heavens?

28 July 2020

What is spaghettification? How do you define the kilogram? Adam provides the trivia treats...

14 July 2020

Why are we sending a Mars rock back to Mars?

14 July 2020

How do you control something on another planet?

14 July 2020

What's going down on our Venusian neighbour?

14 July 2020

The skeleton of a planet, floating in space

30 June 2020

A strange object has been spotted by astronomers - and it doesn't fit any existing theories...

09 June 2020

NASA have blasted a laser cooling lab to the International Space Station. What are they planning?

08 June 2020

A private company has launched humans into orbit for the first time. What does this mean for space travel?

18 May 2020

How have scientists been adapting to life without their labs? Here's a physicist's outlet...

21 April 2020

Steve Swanson is a former NASA astronaut and ISS commander. He talks about isolation and the night sky...

21 April 2020

Can you separate your stars from your planets and satellites? Robert Massey teaches the basics...

31 March 2020

Science demo superstar Dave Ansell explains how satellites and spacecraft orient themselves...

31 March 2020

What do planetary geoscientists get up to?

23 March 2020

Whales get stranded on beaches - and seem to do it more when there's radio interference coming off the sun...

03 March 2020

Are there quakes on Mars?