Interviews about Space Science

Interviews about space science, astronomy, rockets, planets, galaxies, stars...

30 June 2020

A strange object has been spotted by astronomers - and it doesn't fit any existing theories...

09 June 2020

NASA have blasted a laser cooling lab to the International Space Station. What are they planning?

08 June 2020

A private company has launched humans into orbit for the first time. What does this mean for space travel?

18 May 2020

How have scientists been adapting to life without their labs? Here's a physicist's outlet...

21 April 2020

Steve Swanson is a former NASA astronaut and ISS commander. He talks about isolation and the night sky...

21 April 2020

Can you separate your stars from your planets and satellites? Robert Massey teaches the basics...

31 March 2020

Science demo superstar Dave Ansell explains how satellites and spacecraft orient themselves...

31 March 2020

What do planetary geoscientists get up to?

23 March 2020

Whales get stranded on beaches - and seem to do it more when there's radio interference coming off the sun...

03 March 2020

Are there quakes on Mars?

03 March 2020

Looking back at the work of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson...

24 January 2020

The Yarrabubba crater, in Australia, has turned out to be 2.3 billion years old...

21 January 2020

Why do solar flares occur?

23 December 2019

What was the star these three kings followed?

20 December 2019

What makes this microscopic animals biologically bomb-proof?

17 December 2019

What is humanity's future on the Moon?

17 December 2019

How good is our current space tech?

17 December 2019

What would we drill for on the Moon?

17 December 2019

And why might it be worth going back there?

17 December 2019

We look at what the Parker Solar Probe has been up to...

03 December 2019

A cardiologist, physicist, immunologist and wine expert, and geneticist and dietitian take on your questions.

11 November 2019

Why is a case of French red heading to the ISS?

05 November 2019

Let's meet the panel for our latest QnA show!

29 October 2019

The part of the show where we read out your correspondence....