Stem Cells

26 February 2018

Scientists are planning to create a map that contains the molecular fingerprints of every cell in the body.

11 April 2017

Using bio-engineering to grow an entire human organ system in the lab - complete with connecting blood supply.

11 April 2017

Growing miniature human organs in the lab using stem cells taken from an adult.

11 April 2017

Turning embryonic stem cells into nerve cells and implanting them in the brain...

11 April 2017

Understanding how a human being is formed form a single fertilised egg can lead to incredible scientific breakthroughs...

12 December 2016

Because we might be able to grow human embryos longer than 14 days in the lab, does that mean we should? Sarah...

12 December 2016

Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz and her team managed to keep embryos growing in the lab for 13 days. So should we...

14 November 2016

The heart begins beating much earlier than first thought...

24 October 2016

Scientists are hailing this annoucement as the 'tour de force' of embryology because it could pave the way...

11 September 2016

Shinya Yamanaka, who won a Nobel prize for his discovery that just four molecules could convert any type of adult...

13 October 2015

For the first time, scientists have been able to grow mini-kidneys in a petri-dish!

10 August 2015

Scientists have discovered a trigger for the regeneration of skin, hair or organs in humans. This could be used to...

09 June 2015

Blood is in high demand. Wouldn't it be great if we could grow blood to order?

10 March 2015

Our gene of the month is Nanog - named after the mythological Celtic land of the forever young.

15 December 2014

With the Christmas party season in full swing, some of us may be piling on the pounds. Could popping a pill melt away...

01 December 2014

To defeat must create pain.

13 August 2014

At University College London’s Institute of Ophthalmology, Dr Rachael Pearson and her team are developing ways to...

12 May 2014

Learning more about the genes that allow flatworms to regenerate organs and tissue after amputation.

12 May 2014

Generating different types of hormone-secreting cells from human tissue sources could lead to new treatments for...

16 December 2013

What organises cells to form structures in the body?

16 December 2013

How do eggs turn from one cell into a structured network of over a trillion cells?

19 November 2013

New technologies to assist the ability of the human body to repair itself

12 November 2013

A hungry baby is actually gulping down millions of its mother's stem cells...