A Story of Neglect

In America alone, four children die every day as a result of child abuse. We find out what Brad found in one UK home....
20 October 2014

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In America alone, four children die every day as a result of abuse. Worldwide, at least Dirty Rags12 out of every 10, 000 children are affected by abuse. There are likely many more cases that go unreported. Child abuse does not discriminate across gender, it affects boys and girls equally. Those with a physical or mental disability, however, are twice as vulnerable.

It can take the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse (so ignoring, rejecting, isolating or verbally abusing the child) or neglect where a child may be left hungry or dirty, without adequate clothing, shelter, supervision, medical or health care.

Brad reported what he found to the NSPCC.

Brad -   I'm a telephone engineer by trade and I was doing a routine call.  I walked up to the door as normal and introduced myself to the woman.  The minute she opened the door, a smell hit me.  I mean, it really hit me.  The amount of rubbish and mess was staggering.  I have to literally wade ankle-deep through rubbish, beanbags of garbage or bin and eaten cans, empty pizza boxes.  To be honest, I didn't know what I was putting my feet in.  the cats were all over the place.  I could certainly smell the urine and faeces.  But when I actually got to my workstation, the flies were landing on my face.  I noticed that on the set, along with the two adults was a young toddler.  This shocked me.  I could not imagine the child living in this kind of environment.  She had a ground in dirt that I know as a parent, wasn't every day dirt.  It wasn't rough and tumble playing out dirt.  It was ground in built of over time.  It was clear she had nowhere to play and didn't play.

Thank you to the NSPCC for the use of their audio clip.


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