Interviews about Technology

Interviews about robotics, artificial intelligence, computing, communications, sensors and gadgets...

17 October 2017

A beginner's guide to AI.

26 September 2017

What could exoskeleton technology mean for the future?

11 September 2017

An over-emphasis on novelty is having detrimental effects on science.

05 September 2017

Chris Smith gets to know our guests...

24 August 2017

A group of scientists including Stephen Hawking are petitioning the UN to urgently consider how AI might play a part in...

24 August 2017

Remember the Holodeck in Star Trek? Well, animals now have their own virtual reality room...

22 August 2017

Back in 2012 we reported on the first ever meat to be grown in the lab, but is this a palatable future for our food?

22 August 2017

Where would you be without your smartphone? Joe McGeehan developed some of the pivotal technology behind wireless...

22 August 2017

Researchers have used maths and psychology to analyse whether more diverse groups really do make better decisions.

15 August 2017

Radio telescopes dotted across the globe have joined up to create the Event Horizon Telescope, which is the size of the...

15 August 2017

What does Saturn smell like?

15 August 2017

In 2020, the European Space Agency will launch a rover onto the surface of Mars on an exploratory mission to look for...

15 August 2017

Artificial intelligence will change our future. Even the future of magic tricks.

14 August 2017

How a space station in critical danger led to the development of the shiny metal blankets that prevent marathon runners...

01 August 2017

It's not just the cyclists who go for gold, there's some serious science behind the bikes.

25 July 2017

How do underwater robots survive the intense pressures of the deep, and what are they being used for?

25 July 2017

Could a quantum computer the size of a football pitch reveal the meaning of life, the Universe and everything?

18 July 2017

Scientists in the US have come up with a set of steps which store the energy you expend when you descend, and then give...

11 July 2017

Using satellites to track whale shark migration around the world.

10 July 2017

Technology used by the Indian Space Agency comes down to Earth to help India's fisherman.

10 July 2017

How do we program human morals into self-driving cars?

04 July 2017

There's new news on fake news; why is it so prolific?

04 July 2017

The tech intended for space. How memory foam came from NASA and made its way into our homes.

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot in an emergency?