Testing and Evaluation

02 October 2018

Are we grouping kids with learning difficulties in the best way?

07 August 2018

How do we go from a plant to a safe drug?

23 January 2018

... The biggest and most advanced telescope dish ever made.

23 January 2018

What are the challenges ahead of launch for JWST? Are astronomers ready?

10 October 2017

"You cannot have epidemic control of HIV in the world without having epidemic control in Nigeria"...

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot in the military?

28 February 2017

Cocaine-use has been linked with a build-up of iron in the brain.

02 August 2016

The Solar Orbiter is going closer to the sun than we've ever sent anything before, but how do you design it to...

07 July 2015

Body armour is a key weapon in the fight against explosives and can be made from all kinds of materials from ceramics...

07 July 2015

What can we do to stop explosives from causing injury?

07 July 2015

How much damage can an explosion cause and how can we measure it?

19 November 2013

Could buildings be designed to repair themselves?

16 June 2013

What happens when you drive in fog? Often low visibility is blamed for accidents in these conditions, but how fast are...

16 June 2013

Scientists are working out how Hep B and Hep D are entering liver cells, research that could help up to a third of the...

20 May 2012

We find out how a novel alloy makes the leap from academia to aeroplane...

20 May 2012

Once we have a recipe for a new metal, how do we find out if it lives up to its initial promise? We find out how...

11 March 2012

Rolls Royce engines are regularly inspected to keep them in tiptop condition and running efficiently, but to do so...

11 March 2012

Scientists have taken the first steps towards interrogating anti-matter and find out more about this mysterious...

29 November 2011

One technique which will probably be familiar with from medicine is sonography or imaging with sound. To find out how...

27 November 2011

Now most people will have seen a thermal camera - a special type of camera that can detect the far infrared radiation...