04 September 2018

Can self-healing materials keep us safer in the air?

28 August 2018

How do talking machines help traffic?

31 July 2018

How did the space race bring us scratch-resistant glasses?

17 July 2018

How do planes get off the ground, and stay in the air?

06 March 2018

How do Border Force catch things coming into the country?

06 February 2018

Could we soon be driving on roads made from plastic?

10 July 2017

How do we program human morals into self-driving cars?

11 April 2017

Climate change will mean more energy in the atmosphere which is bad news for airline passengers...

18 November 2016

How do you navigate an empty craft through millions of miles of space?

18 November 2016

Could a pair of trousers which track your movements help firefighters or the military?

18 November 2016

Driverless cars could change the world- but what legal and ethical challenges do they bring with them?

18 November 2016

Could our navigation technology actually be getting in the way of looking where we are going?

18 November 2016

GPS is useful, but it has a number of problems, and doesn't work well inside buildings. Could a Cambridge startup...

18 November 2016

What is GPS, and how does it tell you where you are?

18 November 2016

How ancient mariners managed to get around, with help from coconuts!

18 November 2016

The annual International Conference of Navigation was held in Glasgow this year, and we spoke to the president.

26 July 2016

What's happening inside the engine to keep your car moving?

26 July 2016

Is there any way to change the petrol fractions of crude oil so they can work in a diesel engine?

07 June 2016

The UN estimates that by 2050 up to 70% of us will be living in cities. How can we make them more sustainable?

06 June 2016

As DNA sequencing becomes cheaper, having a good understanding of genetics will become more important. But what does...

26 April 2016

How many of the goods you own are transported by sea?

25 April 2016

If we're worried about carbon emissions of ships, shouldn't we just be hoisting the sails and returning to a...

20 March 2016

NASA plans to set fire to a space station, simply to find out what will happen.

22 December 2015

Could Santa use a tech-upgrade to save some time on Christmas Eve?