The vaping boom

What trends are developing in the wake of the increase in popularity of e-cigarettes?
02 August 2022

Interview with 

Andy, E-Cig Wizard


E cigarette grafiti


Interested to find out a bit more, James Tytko paid a visit to a few local vape shops in Cambridge. Most didn't want to speak with him, but Andy of E-cig Wizard was happy to talk him through the trends he's noticed developed over the past few years. James started by asking him about the types of products they sell in his shop...

Andy - May 2015 we officially opened, we've been here through the boom. People of all ages, all walks of life, all nationalities. Basically, those that are smoking that have now realised the easiest way to quit is to start vaping. Public Health England have already done the studies and made the announcement that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. No one is saying that vaping is necessarily good for you, right. But in comparison to smoking, definitely 95% less harmful...

Chris Smith - And he’s absolutely right. A 2015 review authored by Ann McNeill and Peter Hajek for Public Health England puts the “best estimate” at vapes being 95% less harmful than cigarettes, and, as Linda Bauld points out, people do benefit if they switch. But the data are all short term at the moment, and being 95% less harmful still doesn’t mean they aren’t without health effects at all. Indeed, as many point out, it took decades of following up smoking doctors before Richard Doll could say, definitively, that smoking causes cancer, among other things. Before that, some even believed cigarettes were good for you! So could we be in a similar situation with vaping whereby we’ve not got sufficient data yet to know what the true health harms are?


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