12 February 2018

Zika can still cause damage without showing the obvious signs.

30 January 2018

Could the common cold virus help to treat a deadly cancer?

23 January 2018

Grab your tissues, it's a "flu's flu" of flu!

23 January 2018

Should we be concerned about the levels of flu this year?

10 October 2017

What can old viruses tell us about modern infections?

15 June 2017

Models predict which species of mosquito may be able to carry the Zika virus in the US.

21 February 2017

With PrEP drugs unavailable from National health services for many, some are taking matters into their own hands.

21 February 2017

The story of one man's experience of being diagnosed with HIV.

21 February 2017

Should we fund PrEP on the NHS?

21 February 2017

How does PrEP work, and is it really behind the reduction in HIV cases?

21 February 2017

What is HIV, how do you catch the infection, and what could be behind the recent reduction in cases?

20 September 2016

Kat busts the myth that mental illness is due to a chemical imbalance.

22 August 2016

Poor sleep habits, including shift work and jet lag, make you more prone to illness, and now we might know why.

02 August 2016

New research shows the possible scale of Zika virus infection.

07 March 2016

There are two remaining samples of the smallpox virus: should we destroy them?

07 March 2016

Why didn't we see Zika coming, and how can we try and prepare for what's out there?

07 March 2016

Polio is closer than ever to being eradicated, but social and political issues are getting in the way.

07 March 2016

Smallpox was the first disease ever to be wiped out by science, but how did we do it?

25 January 2016

Why you can't catch the 'flu from a killed vaccine...

09 December 2015

Paul Kellamhas been investigating whether screening for variations in a gene called IFITM3 could form a test for flu...

17 August 2015

A new approach to combating all forms of the flu has been discovered.

22 June 2015

Although the plague is now not the problem it once was, other infections, like Ebola, are still a huge issue in...

09 June 2015

How a new DNA sequencer, in a tent, in Sierra Leone could be crucial to cutting ebola transmission chains...