26 June 2018

What's the human impact of a volcanic eruption?

26 June 2018

Why is it dangerous to fly through an ash cloud?

26 June 2018

Volcanic gases can impact the environment...

26 June 2018

What exactly is a volcano?

25 July 2017

Where does the carbon volcanoes expel into the atmosphere come from?

16 May 2017

New measurements show a giant lava-filled crater on Jupiter's moon Io.

15 December 2016

Fossil footprints reveal that some of our human-like ancestors could have been taller than we thought.

30 November 2015

What really killed the dinosaurs? Research this week has poured cold water on one of the leading theories...

17 November 2015

Water on the earth is easy to spot but there is also a lot beneath the surface and some of this is very very old.

04 May 2015

Millions of people live close to volcanoes, but what danger are they in, and are there any long term health effects...

04 May 2015

Falling ash and scorching pyroclastic flows are the most dangerous elements of an eruption. How do they work?

04 May 2015

Eruptions are dramatic events that tear apart mountains. But what is actually going on inside an erupting volcano?

04 May 2015

What are volcanoes more common in certain places, what triggers and eruption, and can volcanic activity be predicted...?

15 December 2014

There have been a number of mass-extinctions previously on Earth. Is another one on the cards? And if so, could...

15 December 2014

250 million years ago, life on Earth looked very different, both in the sea and on land. What wiped these strange...

25 October 2013

Dave Ansell and Ginny Smith make a volcanic crater using flour and a balloon, as well as answering questions from the...

25 October 2013

How can studying seismology help us understand and possibly predict earthquakes and volcanoes?

25 October 2013

Volcanologist Tehnuka Ilanko explains what volcanic gases can tell us about Magma and answers questions from the...

06 June 2013

Kristine Larson explains how she uses GPS not for locations but to detect volcanic plumes and measure snow depth...

15 May 2012

We explore how tephra ash can be analysed to date archaeological sites, clarify the effects of environmental and...

04 May 2012

Dr Henrik Svensen reveals what craters in Africa can tell us and if the cause for mass extinction can be unearthed by...

05 February 2012

How scientists are eavesdropping using electrodes, predicting eruptions using magma, healing wounds with honey and...

20 February 2011

Another reason to try and understand atmospheric chemistry is in case there comes a time when we have to try and do...

04 July 2010

Gillian Foulger expalins how volcanoes form, and how certain types of volcano may not form in the way most geologists...