What is DNA?

DNA explained, with a little help from some ukuleles.
13 April 2017

Interview with 

Patrick Short, University of Cambridge


Ready or not, the genetic age is upon us. DNA tests are used all over the world, by engaged couples seeing if they are genetically compatible, by migration services aiming to prove or disprove ancestry or family claims, and by health services to try and tailor medicine to your DNA. And now, direct to consumer tests means we can if we want, choose to take a peek inside our own genetic code. But is this a force for good - enlightening us about our health, and showing us who we are, or are we opening pandora's box - learning things about our past and future that should be kept hidden? Georgia Mills spoke to Patrick Short, a PhD student at Cambridge University, to get the lowdown on DNA, with a bit of help from some props... 


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