What might computers of the future look like?

What do youngsters think about computers?
13 March 2018

Interview with 

children from The Perse Prep School, Cambridge


What do young people, so-called "digital natives" - think of computers? Katie Haylor canvassed some the opinions of a few youngsters from The Perse Prep School in Cambridge...

You can watch lots of videos and play on lots of apps.

They can be small, big, medium and massive and even without a screen.

A computer can look like anything. It could be small, it could be big, it could be tiny. It could just be a tiny chip. A computer can be a phone.

A computer is something electronic that has an input, and output, a CPU, and some storage and memory.

Katie - What’s the most common thing you use a computer for?

Playing games.

Katie - I thought you were going to say that. How useful are computers?

Very useful as you can use them for storing photos, they can be used for homework. They are an easy way to convey messages and they are also good for gaming, which I quite enjoy.

They are still pretty useful but sometimes they can be a bit annoying.

I think it’s quite useful because on the internet you can just search it up if you’re stuck on something and you really want to find out. But then, sometimes, the internet can be wrong so you have to be careful.

A computer is only as good as the programmer, so they sometimes have glitches and things like that.

Katie - What do you think computers might look like in the future?

The computer might look like a tiny chip which you can put into your clothes or anywhere on you. And then it’s a hologram so it’s really light and you can carry it around and then it appears in front of you and you can just talk to it and it can look stuff up.

They say there’s going to be face recognition and voice recognition, but I think some computers might go to the virtual side.

Maybe in the very very far future there’ll be no school because you can just download information and insert a chip into your head.


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