Who will win the Rugby World Cup?

Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner go head to head in a game of Rugby 20 to determine who will be the champion.
21 October 2019

Interview with 

Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast




With the release of Rugby 20 set for next year, Leigh Milner and Chris Berrow go head to head as England v Japan to see if the game can predict the winner of the Rugby World Cup... 

Chris - You're kicking off.

Leigh - How do you get it out of the ruck when they have tackled?

Yes! Eddie Jones will be proud.

Chris - I don't think they really have the licensing for Eddie Jones… so you know so the generic England manager will be very pleased.

It's the second half Japan to kick off…

Leigh - Am I the whites?

Chris - It’s the second half and you don’t know what team you are? Well yes you are.

Leigh - I'm quite enjoying this. Kicks it. Taps it. Scores.

Chris - Scores a try 15 - 10 to me.

If you get this over you win... is the 80th minute right now in the game

Leigh - Fluke it. Swing low sweet chariot... coming for to carry me.

Chris - It may be,,, I think that because it's the BETA obviously it’s broken.

Leigh - Come back when you’ve had a few practices.

Chris - The screenshot evidence is available now on Twitter @nakedgamingpod. Go look at it.

Did you enjoy the game though... more importantly?

Leigh - Yeah it was okay. I mean I love sports games. I stopped playing sports games three years ago. The problem with this is the controls are a little bit fiddly, and you literally get no instructions no tutorial. It's like here's the game. Blow the whistle. Off we go. See how we get on.

Chris - You can play the BETA now by preordering the game on computer PS4 and Xbox One, it's 40 pounds to pre-order but as I discovered... if you don't massively like the demo you can then cancel your preorder and you get a full refund.



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