Who won?

Which team were crowned the winners of the Naked Scientists pub quiz?
05 May 2020


A first place trophy.


Phil Sansom reveals the final scores...

Katie - Right Phil. The time’s come.

Phil - Oh boy.

Katie - It's time to reveal the final scores.

Phil - All right. Can I get Ella, Sam, Eleanor, Hamish, Katie, can I get a drum roll please?

Katie - Oh, you certainly can. Drum roll.

Phil - Team 1: seven points. Team 2: four and a half points, so the winners are Team 1.

Katie - Congratulations Team 1!

Phil - Big round of applause. Well done Team 1, Ella and Sam, you guys are officially the Naked Scientists' big brains of the month. Ella, how do you feel?

Ella - Oh, it's amazing. I'd like to thank my Mum and my dog.

Phil - Sam. How are you experiencing this rush?

Sam - It's been emotional, but when I've slept on it and given myself time for it to sink in, then I think I'm going to feel really, really proud of myself. So yeah, pretty good.

Katie - Okay. You can send in your speech to us via email if you like. In fact, just just to celebrate.


Phil - All right.

Katie - Now, well done runners up. Do you feel robbed of victory, or was it a valiant defeat? What do you reckon?

Eleanor - Oh, I think it was a valiant defeat. Well, this makes us the small brains of the month, which is quite exciting because invertebrates have all sorts of amazing behaviors, despite having very small brains, so I'm chuffed to bits with that.

Katie - Oh, I see. Was that purposeful, just so you could get in extra fun facts about invertebrates?

Eleanor - You know me so well!

Katie - Hamish, what are your thoughts?

Hamish - Likewise, I am very happy to be a small brain. I think I probably only could have got the answer to two more of theirs. So even if I had performed on top form, I think we still would have conked out. So well done to the other two. I should also point out that I was going for inside information on Sam because we did our undergraduate degrees together about 20 years ago and this is the first time we have met since then.

Phil - You're kidding!

Katie - Ah, okay. Oh well what a lovely reunion.

Hamish - Yeah, it's very nice to see Sam and he was always better than me anyway.

Katie - We're going to have to have a rematch, I think at some point.

Hamish - Very happy to.

Katie - Yeah. Oh wow. That's fighting talk

Sam - We could, maybe me and Hamish, could be on the same team, and we could have like the class of 99 or whatever we were back then Hamish.

Phil - That's nice.

Hamish - Something like that. Definitely. Gloves off.

Phil - Hey, none of that.


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