Woodwork Simulator

It's a brand new simulator... wood you give Woodwork Simulator a go?
21 August 2019

Interview with 

John Duffill, designer of Woodwork Simulator


Wood shavings


This month… announced on Twitter… it’s Woodwork Simulator. Yes really!

Irregular Corporation who designed the game say “Saw. Drill. Lathe. Chisel. Construct. You walnut believe what you can create!”

John Duffill is a fan of this show, he’s been involved in a sailing simulator called Sail Away… PC Building Simulator… and he actually designed this latest release… Woodwork Simulator. He spoke to Chris Berrow.

John - We tried to sort of make it as realistic as we could really in terms of being able to make things out of wood which was quite a technical challenge. You will eventually have all the tools at your disposal. The moment we've got all the hand tools you've got a saw and you've got a plane and chisel and you've got wood glue and you with those tools you can actually make an awful lot of things.

Chris - I saw a really funny review that billed the game as like the "Dark Souls" of woodwork and stuff. You've obviously got a really good kind of tongue in cheek spirit about it, because it's like you saw a really unusual game isn't it, you know, to come up with a concept for something like this. It's just kind of unusual.

John - Yeah. I mean the concept was born out of a hobby really. I'm going to work myself was banging on about it in the office and someone jumped up and said we should do woodworking simulator. And then as a designer I was like that's a very good idea. So yeah it's all started there really. We do have some we're putting some some templates for you to make the birdhouse been the first one that you come across. So that's why you see laser birdhouses.

Chris - Seems to be going well so far you've hinted at sort of what is the actual attraction of simulation games I can understand certain ones more than others like for example if you wanted to fly a plane like flight simulator I totally get because you know you can be a pilot could you realistically fly a plane. I can actually understandable work simulator more than some of the other ones as well to be honest because how good would I be at being a carpenter without actually sort of accidentally chopping off my own fingers. Is that kind of part of that part of fun do you think here?

John - Yeah yeah I think it is. I think there's something ironic in that you know instead of actually doing the DIY in the house you are doing on a computer instead. But yeah I think people don't have time necessary to learn all of the skills to do something but they have lots of ideas in their head and they they like the idea or the way that they will run something or make something you know running a business. I think that's where they quite like the fact that they don't need to put in the hard graft to learn how to do something they can just get going and you know produce stuff and make things.


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