Would you donate your genome?

14 September 2017

Interview with

Colin Smith, University of Brighton

We’ve heard about donating blood, tissue, tumours, organs, or even your whole deceased body for medical research - but would you donate your genome? Colin Smith, Professor of functional genomics at the University of Brighton has done just that. He had his genome sequenced and donated it through a process called Open Consent to the Personal Genome Project UK, meaning that all his genetic data is out there on the internet for anyone to see. This is the kind of thing that most people might feel a little bit nervous about, so when Kat Arney met him at the British Science Festival in Brighton earlier this month, she had a few questions.


Kat - That’s Colin Smith from the University of Brighton. And if you’d like to join the fairly sizeable queue to have your genome sequenced by the Personal Genome Project and release it to the public, you can find out more at https://www.personalgenomes.org.uk/ And there are also projects in the US, Canada and Austria too.

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