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We answer your questions on diet!
22 August 2017

Interview with 

Rebecca McManamon




Chris Smith put your a few of your dietary questions to dietician Rebecca McManamon...

We’ve got here Gareth asking on Facebook, does burnt toast, or burnt anything in fact, cause cancer? Is that a myth?

Rebecca - There’s been some research around the chemical component when carbohydrates have undergone burning, and whether that may cause cancer. It has perhaps some link in lab studies but the human data isn’t quite there yet. However, the Food Standards Agency did advise, based on the data we know so far, to try and avoid overly burnt products if we can. However, we know there’s a lot more things that are going to be more likely to cause cancer in our diet than burnt toast to be honest.

Chris - Chris Hallam on Twitter: is there any benefit to protein shakes in a diet to build muscle or lose weight?

Rebecca - We shouldn’t really need to use protein shakes. If we can have protein - and it’s important to spread it through the day so to have it at every meal to preserve our muscle -  we shouldn’t need to use extra protein shakes.

Chris - That’s what food is for.

Rebecca - Indeed. That’s what food’s for.


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