03 April 2018

Why moths are the best hearers out there

06 March 2018

How does an organisation like TRAFFIC aim to intervene in this trade?

06 March 2018

How do Border Force catch things coming into the country?

06 March 2018

How elephant dung was used to bring down some of the biggest cartels in ivory trafficking.

06 March 2018

A man with a gun stands between the poachers and their target...

06 March 2018

How big is the problem, and who is involved?

06 March 2018

Crickets make excellent accoustic engineers, according to new research...

06 February 2018

Can killer whales talk?

23 January 2018

How the Fiddler Crab gets the girl... or not. Robotic crabs help researchers understand the importance of tempo during...

16 January 2018

DNA reveals the existence of a new, but now-extinct horse

16 January 2018

Salmon increase the speed of their sperm when faced with competitors.

16 January 2018

Mobile phones can identify mosquitoes by recording the sounds of their wingbeats

28 November 2017

How do naked mole rats grow so old?

22 November 2017

Macaques change their tool choices as seafood becomes more scarce...

22 November 2017

What have a placenta and a marsupial mammary gland got in common?

31 October 2017

Georgia Mills busts the myth within the old saying "blind as a bat".

26 September 2017

Vanderbilt University’s Ken Catania got his hands on an electric eel, literally, to work out how electric eels deal...

11 September 2017

Mekada fish can recognise each other – but only if their faces are the right way up.

15 August 2017

Goldfish can survive the winter freeze using a genetic trick that allows them to convert lactic acid into alcohol.

25 July 2017

Why aren't the biggest animals always the fastest?

25 July 2017

We reveal the final entry for Marine Month's Critter of the Week.

18 July 2017

Mutations in a single gene can affect whether some bio-luminescent bacteria will make good partners for squid.

11 July 2017

Marine month's special guest feature continues...