Answers to Science Questions

07 July 2020

What magic do coffee granules possess that's absent in packet soup?

30 June 2020

If identical twin brothers marry identical twin sisters, will their children be like twins?

30 June 2020

Listener Alice has already been infected with the coronavirus. What happens if she inhales it again?

23 June 2020

How do atoms keep themselves together?

23 June 2020

It's an AI term, but what does it mean?

23 June 2020

Will the universe end up starless?

23 June 2020

What separates the sulphurs from the sulphates?

16 June 2020

Why don't we have dimpled cars?

09 June 2020

Australian aboriginal people have used them as bush medicine - but might they help against the coronavirus?

02 June 2020

How do you deal with disease in space

26 May 2020

Do electrons leave their atoms for form electric current?

19 May 2020

Do we all have the same number of nerve endings, regardless of body size?

05 May 2020

Do we really need an appendix?

05 May 2020

How do different species communicate with each other?

05 May 2020

Why do bees sting you? And do they die afterwards?

05 May 2020

Is the presence of contrails related to the weather?

21 April 2020

Everyone has gut bacteria that keep them healthy. How do babies get them if they're born by caesarian section?

07 April 2020

Or is the idea all smoke and mirrors?

17 March 2020

Will we have fusion power plants soon?

05 March 2020

If they were so similar to us, why did they disappear and not humans?