Answers to Science Questions

18 January 2021

Can you learn information about the deceased by examining their ashes?

22 December 2020

How does it compare to the traditional loaf

15 December 2020

Why do females produce eggs inside the body, but males have to produce sperm outside the body?

15 December 2020

Listener Luke sent us a concern he's been hearing about the vaccine, so Chris Smith weighed in...

08 December 2020

Which is better for the environment, landfill or composting?

24 November 2020

Dogs are more sensitive to sounds, and hear higher frequencies...

17 November 2020

If 300 years ago one person had a certain surname, how many people could have that surname today?

10 November 2020

Is there a right time to water vegetables?

03 November 2020

Is hanging upside down bad for a bat's circulation?

20 October 2020

Which is better for your health, hard or soft?

06 October 2020

Do bugs have the same "fight or flight" biology as us humans?

29 September 2020

Is anxious sweat stinkier than exertion sweat?

22 September 2020

Listener David asks how to measure time during space travel - and how the body clock gets affected...

15 September 2020

North Carolina State University's Katie Mack answers our listener questions...

08 September 2020

We can't hold in an answer any longer...

25 August 2020

"Why do particles go to the centre in a bucket of water?" This is the question we're tackling this week...

18 August 2020

Which does the brain deal with quickest?

11 August 2020

Listener Johnny asked this question - so Adam sought out an answer...

28 July 2020

Do you know your flora from your fauna? Test yourself on these questions about nature...

28 July 2020

This round's on the internal world - how many questions can you answer?

28 July 2020

How many of these questions will you get right? They'll certainly produce a reaction...

28 July 2020

Test yourself on these physics facts and space head-scratchers!

14 July 2020

Why is the number needed so high?