14 November 2017

And what's the mummification process?

14 November 2017

Did dinosaurs live in herds, or on their own?

14 November 2017

Can you assume their from the same creature?

14 November 2017

Is there any difference between fur and hair? And what did a dinosaurs "skin" look like?

12 July 2016

Did cavemen have names? And when did people start using them?

08 March 2016

People can certainly smell whiffy and sometimes this is attractive, other times not...

26 January 2016

Unless you are an identical twin it's unlikely you've found anyone else who looks just like you. But, why do...

08 September 2015

Fingernails seem to have obvious uses but what are our toenails for? Sam Mahaffey goes in search of a gripping answer.