Are boring schools to blame?

20 April 2013



“Kids seem to sit in front of the TV or video games for hours without problem. Are schools not as stimulating and if that a problem, could it be changed?”


Tom - I think all children that I work with see some elements of school work more stimulating than others and it's very different from individual interest based activity like sitting on a computer game. The majority of the classes that I go into, if not all of the classes I go into are stimulating and interesting. I think they may be less stimulating and interesting if you're less likely to attend to the content. If you do have high levels of inattention or hyperactivity, then it may be that you're less focused on the work that's going on in front of you and more on the distractions around you and I think that sometimes contributes to the sense of not being engaged with the content. To the question, what could be changed, well, we would always advise teachers to think about how they would differentiate the content or t process, or indeed the outputs of the classroom and to insure that children are engaged with whatever work is going on in the class.


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