Answers to Biology Questions

Biology, genetics, ecology and evolution, insects, mammals, marine science, plants and zoology...

27 July 2021

How individual instincts are taken into account when animals are reintroduced to the wild...

16 July 2021

Cats get them, so why don't dogs?

29 June 2021

If they ate the same things, would their gut bugs be the same?

22 June 2021

Snakes are smooth, so why are crocodiles?

24 May 2021

If overcooking kills nutrients in veggies, can we overcook junk food to remove the risk of weight gain?

18 May 2021

We're looking into this wee-lly important question...

10 May 2021

Despite subzero temperatures outside, they still appear and buzz about your house. Where do they hide out?

30 March 2021

"How do different creatures get different numbers of chromosomes?"

02 February 2021

Seeking science to sort a shivery snag

18 January 2021

Can you learn information about the deceased by examining their ashes?

22 December 2020

How does it compare to the traditional loaf

15 December 2020

Listener Luke sent us a concern he's been hearing about the vaccine, so Chris Smith weighed in...

24 November 2020

Dogs are more sensitive to sounds, and hear higher frequencies...

10 November 2020

Is there a right time to water vegetables?

03 November 2020

Is hanging upside down bad for a bat's circulation?

29 September 2020

Is anxious sweat stinkier than exertion sweat?

28 July 2020

Do you know your flora from your fauna? Test yourself on these questions about nature...

30 June 2020

If identical twin brothers marry identical twin sisters, will their children be like twins?

19 May 2020

Do we all have the same number of nerve endings, regardless of body size?

05 May 2020

How do different species communicate with each other?

05 May 2020

Why do bees sting you? And do they die afterwards?

21 April 2020

Everyone has gut bacteria that keep them healthy. How do babies get them if they're born by caesarian section?