Can ADHD be treated with video games?

20 April 2013



Can ADHD be treated by training children with mind games and video games, and quizzes?”


Tom - I haven't seen any information that we talked to whether those are interventions that work for children with ADHD, whether those would be interventions or rewards, I'm not sure. Rewards absolutely, I do think, as long as the child signs up to what those rewards are, they're forgettable, they clearly understood, and generally, intrinsic as opposed to extrinsic. So, something that's important to the child rather than money or something similar, you know, we do see those working with all children but they may be particularly useful for children with ADHD.

Hannah - So, for example, I like going to bike rides. So, my reward would be going for a bike ride on a Sunday, but concentrated during the week.

Tom - Absolutely and part of that is about helping identify what it is about the target that's important and being specific enough that the child can understand what it is and then achieve it. And I think we are all guilty sometimes of identifying woolly or loose targets that are setting the child up to fail. So, investing in that upfront process, setting the targets, getting the child, and then having a reward that's significant and important to them, again, this is relevant for all children but will be specifically effective for children with ADHD.


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