If a Mediterranean diet is healthy, does that include red wine?


Giles has some good news for any (moderate) red wine drinkers...

Giles - Yes, wine is part of the mediterranean diet, drunk responsibly and within reason. I think what they're saying is a couple of glasses with the meal is part of the mediterranean diet, and it's red wine we're talking about here is part of the mediterranean diet. As far as I understand, studies that have been done comparing red wine to an equivalent amount of grape juice, it is the actual process of converting those grapes into the wine that provides whatever goodness is there. And I think that people still don't know exactly what it is in the red wine that is actually beneficial.

Chris - So we know that it's beneficial but we don't know exactly why. There's something in the process. But don't overdo it but there does appear to be evidence to support having a glass of wine as part of a mediterranean diet. Is that what you're saying?

Giles - That's absolutely correct


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