Can people with Autism benefit from emotion detection technology?

13 December 2011



Emotion detecting technology sounds like a good thing for those with autistic spectrum disorders who struggle to accurately read affect in others. How might their smartphones be able to help? Will it work in real time??


Jason - Absolutely. In fact, the computer scientists that I've been working with have shown that these phones are very powerful and can analyse this information in real time on the phones themselves or to send them onto a server and bring it back. Really, one of the big limitations with doing these analyses on the phone are the batteries of the phones.

Chris - There was a report from MIT, the media lab there, in the last five years or so, they had made a pair of spectacles that would use a camera to look at expressions on the faces of people that a person with an autistic disorder was talking with and could vibrate in the person's pocket if the facial expression they were showing showed that they were reacting negatively to things they were saying.

Jason - Yes and certainly, I think that this is just looking at another source of data looking at speech and it could do the same thing.


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