Can we mix human and spider DNA?

02 December 2012


If we put the DNA of spider into human what will happen?


We'll have the answer on the 2nd December Naked Scientists Show. Until then, what do you think?


I'm not entirely sure what would happen. The possibilities are endless. It could cause you to have cancer or it could just simply cause you to have a allergic reaction. Some people might hope that they might hope to gain supernatural ability's,like the ones that the spider man from T.V. inherited after his DNA got altered by a radio active spider.

spider DNA mixing human DNA what happen and result

What happened when we mix spider DNA in human DNA ??

What happens if you mix spider DNA and human DNA

We can change the spider dna and human dna

Can We Mix Human And Spider Dna? What'reaction Of Human Body

when we mix spider DNA into human DNA human cell division increase rapidly that cause cancer

What will happened if we mixed spider's DNA into human's DNA

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