Can we mix human and spider DNA?

Can we mix spider and human DNA, to make a real-life Spiderman?
02 December 2012



If we put the DNA of spider into human what will happen?


Hannah Critchlow untangled this sticky question...

Hannah - This week we wonder if we can make a real life Spiderman, and Enriques got in touch with this question...

Enriques - If we put the DNA from a spider into a human what would happen.

Hannah - So can you successfully mix spider and human DNA and what could you create. If so we turn to a genetics professor working where Dolly the sheep was created.

Helen - Hello my name is Helen Sang; I work at the Roslin Institute which is part of the University of Edinburgh. It would be relatively easy to introduce spider genes into humans by adapting the methods we used to make genetically modified mice, for example, and combining this with the techniques used in in vitro fertilization  - IVF - that are used to make test tube babies. We can introduce genes into specific tissues or organs; this is the basis of gene therapy. This is very new technology and it's only just becoming licensed as a medical treatment. And here we would introduce a gene into a specific tissue, for example muscle, and repair a mutation.

Hannah - So it is possible to mix the DNA of humans and spiders. For this scenario, let's ignore the strict regulations in place to ensure these methods are used responsibly, and ask instead could we actually make a real life Spiderman?

Helen - Spiderman had a lot of characteristics of a superhuman that he was hyperactive and an elite athlete: many characteristics that individuals have some of, but nobody has all these different characteristics. We have people who are sprinters, or people who are very energetic, but Spider man pulls a lot of these characteristics together and at the moment human geneticists are identifying variations in our genes that lead to these differences. So maybe Spiderman has just got the elite versions of many of these genes. We could think about, in the longer term, genetically modifying people so that they could sprint and were very active and very intelligent, but that would require us to make a lot of changes by genetic modification. And not only is that illegal but I think that's a bit too much of a challenge for today...

Hannah - And researchers have genetically tweaked a goat to produce spider silk protein in its milk. So maybe we could purify this goat's milk to produce a Spiderman Web shooter. Joseph Katz added via Facebook: "the trait that allows spiders to climb walls has a lot to do with their low mass to surface area ratio. Dense humans might be better off taking inspiration from geckos, whose wall-sticking ability is due to millions of microscopic Velcro-like hair pads on their feet. Now, sticking with the genre of genetics, we glide into this question:

Louis - Hi my name's Louis. I'm 15 and I come from London. I was just wondering. In foetuses, the cells multiply really quickly; but I've never heard of one having cancer. Is it possible?

Hannah - So can fetuses become cancerous? What do think about that one? Let us know by posting on the Naked scientist's Facebook page. You can e-mail Chris at the naked scientist dot com. You can join in the debate live on our forum which is that Naked Scientist stock com slash forum or you can tweet at Naked Scientists.


Are human trials on the way now since it is now 2023

could we create a spider with a humans DNA to then see if the spider could survive the change and if so, could someone be bitten to see if they would survive the genetic change.

I think if we can synthesize organelles and DNA of humans into a spider with about 68% identical DNA to humans, or a specific humans genetic sequence,and find a way to transfer it's altered but still spider DNA into a person with similar DNA used to alter the spider's DNA, there's 98.7% chance you will still look human but have spider-like abilities,but as for the spider grip, I don't think a heavy human can scale walls using toe like claws like a spider, I'd recommend gecko style, which uses tiny cells that gain charge,opposite to the charge of the surface you intend to climb,therefore attracting you to the surface,it can turn on and off by reducing your hand's surface area(moving your fingers backward)

so i don't know if this will work but its something. So if you were to take the steatoda nobilis (spider that bit peter parker) and somehow mix the radiodurans dna maybe it could change the humns features but idk.

do you think it could be possible in the future with the right technology? and if it is, it probably wouldn't literally make you swing around cities using webs and climb walls right?

I don't think there is such a thing.

Why don't you take the DNA of a human and combined it with a black widow but remove the venom DNA and make it in to a injection of DNA combines if it bites someone it will give them a strength ,sense and claw of a spider

I think that is a good idea


That's genius

Can science make a spider man by mixing DNA of both spider in human?

Is it real

How to mix human DNA and Spider DNA

Can u please say which spider dna matches human dna and how can you please I m very curious to know about this and I am from India, Karnataka, Bangalore

Theoretically, both genes can be created and merged but side effects may occur

Ss as it is an theory i think it is possible but may also hve side effects

have you seen spidermans dna in any of the spiderman movies if we mix our dna with a injection or a needle I am very sure this will lead to a very possitive result because most of the scientist says it is possible by mixing it however i am little xcited what will be the result of this new research hope i try it to myself next year in 2020
as im in class 9th now and nxt year i will be in class 10th so bye and i will try it to myself

I really wanna try it too
let's see what happens

Which spider's DNA to be opproximately 63%same as our bodyy

We can only match spider dna with injection we cannot become a spider man with bitten by a spider , the same persons who have asked question about spiders

I think it would be cool if we could mix insect and human dna. We could create humans to grow chitin over their skin and have natural armor.

I like it

What if we inject our DNA in a spider and then make a test tube baby using that spider?

What is methods use for making spider dna change into human dna

Yes we got the some result about that if we take another spcies of dna and put it into a human because DNA change then the tissue structure will also change

The spider dna can genetically altered to remove the tissue characteristics

If we use a limited amount of spider DNA is it possible the effects not as much or we transfer50% spider DNA and 20% of antidote I think the result will be possitive

I'm not entirely sure what would happen. The possibilities are endless. It could cause you to have cancer or it could just simply cause you to have a allergic reaction. Some people might hope that they might hope to gain supernatural ability's,like the ones that the spider man from T.V. inherited after his DNA got altered by a radio active spider.

I want now how to mix a spider DNA in human

How to mix spider's skills in human DNA?

what would be the chances of there being a reaction of the human actually being able to climb walls and sense danger

spider DNA mixing human DNA what happen and result

What happened when we mix spider DNA in human DNA ??

What happens if you mix spider DNA and human DNA

No idea, but definitely not a spider man type ordeal.

We can change the spider dna and human dna

what happened with humaqn

Can We Mix Human And Spider Dna? What'reaction Of Human Body

when we mix spider DNA into human DNA human cell division increase rapidly that cause cancer

What will happened if we mixed spider's DNA into human's DNA

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