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11 March 2007

Would it be practical to build a large vacuum chamber, put the clothes inside, pump the air out and therefore lower the...

18 February 2007

If water freezes at zero, we get frost at three degrees C?

04 February 2007

Why is it that when you pour cola in a glass with ice, there's more foam than when you pour it in a glass with no...

04 February 2007

Why does water bubble when it boils?

21 January 2007

Jet streams flow laterally due to centripetal forces. If CFC gases caused the hole in the ozone layer over the poles,...

14 January 2007

Can we crack water into it's components of oxygen and hydrogen and then burn the hydrogen using the oxygen to...

10 December 2006

On last week's show you were talking about polonium 210 being difficult to obtain but in fact anyone can buy it...

03 December 2006

What's a flame made of? Is it made of carbon, and if so can substances that don't contain carbon actually...

03 December 2006

What would happen if you lit a match in space? Considering there's oxygen in the air on a space station but no up...

26 November 2006

What are the properties of baking soda that allow it to alleviate nasty odours in my refrigerator?

12 November 2006

Why is it that bubbles are always round?

05 November 2006

Why after eating asparagus does your urine smell so strong?

05 November 2006

When fireworks are released into the air they turn into smoke and dust. Is there any danger from this?

29 October 2006

I've come across a website for a gas made using water, that ignites but is not hydrogen. I was wondering what your...

01 October 2006

What are magnets made out of and how are they made?

24 September 2006

On a recent trip to Sweden I noticed at the check in desk that my mobile battery was running low and was just about to...