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02 July 2006

Why do we assume that life on other planets would be a carbon-based, Homo erectus type of being that breathes oxygen?...

25 June 2006

Using equal amounts of fruit squash and water, a drink is always stronger when the squash is poured in before the water...

25 June 2006

What's the highest possible temperature that you can achieve?

28 May 2006

If you have oil on the surface of a dirty pot and you add washing up liquid, why is it that all the oil shoots to the...

28 May 2006

When people measure carbon dioxide, a lot of the time it is measured in weight. They'll say that your car releases...

09 April 2006

Why do bubbles of gas form on the sides of the bath or glass while or after you have run the water?

26 March 2006

With the ever increasing shortage of water in reservoirs, why can't we purify seawater to overcome the problem?

05 February 2006

Why does ouzo turn milky white when water is added? It must be mainly water to start with and as the concentration of...

18 December 2005

When you put wood on a fire, why does some wood spit and crackle while other wood burns slowly and quietly?

20 November 2005

Why is it that cream crackers left out take a matter of a few hours to go soggy and stale, yet when put into a large...

13 November 2005

I was fitting a multi-fuel burner in the living room and want to know where to fit the carbon monoxide detector. Should...

06 November 2005

I have recently bought these cool hand warmers that are filled with a gel and a metal disc. When you bend the metal...

23 October 2005

What's the difference between fuel sold in the winter and in the summer?

09 October 2005

When petrol is spilt on the ground and mixed with water, how come it's so colourful?

09 October 2005

Why is the sun so hot?

12 December 2004

Some roofs have clean lines across them caused by copper cables that have been lain across them in the past. Why?

05 December 2004

I am interested in finding asbestos in buildings. I was wondering whether Raman spectroscopy could be incorporated into...

05 December 2004

Can you use spectroscopy to spot whether ID cards are real, or faked on a home printer?

21 November 2004

Why do bubbles stick together in soapy water?

03 October 2004

I bleached my hair recently, does bleach affect the scalp?

19 March 2003

Why can you smell some gases, but not others?

17 March 2003

What makes glue sticky?