Do men really suffer more when they catch the 'flu?

13 November 2011



Do men really suffer more when they catch the 'flu?


John - Well obviously, when we set up the flu survey, that was the first thing that we wanted to look at and what we found is, in fact, it doesn't seem to be the case. If anything, women seem to report slightly more flu than men probably because they have more contact with children. Maybe we men like to moan about it a bit more.

Chris - Who knows? I certainly think it's true. I think men probably - if they're not in contact with children as much probably don't get as infected as often. It's certainly true for things like Noro virus isn't it and that kind of sort of gut rot type bug. You often get far more female cases of that just because of contact with the kids.

John - Exactly, kids are a big reservoir for many of these source of infections. Not just the flu but many of them.


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