Does putting your car key to your head increase its range?

29 September 2015



The myth of putting your car fob to your head and the locking or unlocking range of your car is increased by pressing the button.
i tried this experiment and it worked! so i was wondering would it work for other things? and especially, WHY DOES THIS WORK could you please get back to me i look forward to hearing from you :)


We put this question to tech investor Peter Cowley:

Peter - As you say, if you go into YouTube, you'll find Clarkson for instance trying it a few years ago. So there's no doubt it does work. Now, why it works? There are two potential ways of looking at this. One is that it's a technical one which is, the cavity which is usually your head say, or your chest is acting as either a resonator in some form at the frequency that it's sending or it's acting as a ground plane. There's quite a lot of evidence that might be true. But if you look also a bit deeper, it may just simply be that you're raising it higher up, further from the ground. And so, there's no direct proof of either of those being correct.

Chris - That's your problem Kat. You're a little bit close to the ground.

Kat - I am. My head is so full of brain, that's why it doesn't work.

Peter - I should point out, the transmitted power from a little keyless remote is massively less than mobile phones. So, you're not actually endangering your brain cells in doing this.


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