15 May 2018

Easy ways to convert a flat-Earther...

20 February 2018

Should we be worried about an asteroid apocalypse?

05 December 2017

It because of the Earth's spin? Or maybe the wind?

14 November 2017

Is the earth unique in having them?

14 November 2017

We put this to our dinosaur expert from the University of Cambridge, Jason Head.

14 November 2017

Geologist, Owen Weller, even brought in the oldest rock in the world.

14 November 2017

Did dinosaurs live in herds, or on their own?

14 November 2017

Are all mountains pointed in shape?

03 October 2017

Was this planet ever a 'water world'?

03 October 2017

Is it friction, or something else at work?

05 September 2017

How do we find water sources hidden deep underground?

08 August 2017

We put our panel through their paces with a summer-themed quiz!

07 March 2017

At what altitude above the Earth is zero gravity experienced?

07 March 2017

What's so special about the size of the Earth that makes life more likely?

31 January 2017

Why don't compasses point to East or West?

10 January 2017

...and where does the sky end?