High Energy

29 November 2009

How much radiation are you exposed to during a medical x-ray? How does that compare to the dosage levels radiation...

17 December 2006

We can successfully insulate against heat, and against light, and against sound. Is it possible, do you think, that we...

17 December 2006

I'm right in thinking that matter cannot be destroyed. So is it such that everything that has been created in...

10 December 2006

The big bang theory... what went bang?

03 December 2006

If space has a curvature and is expanding outwards, how long before it goes around in a circle and kicks us up the...

05 November 2006

Where does the microwave background radiation come from, how was it made and why is it still around?

17 September 2006

Could you please explain to me the very basics of string theory? I failed lego at school and I'm not very...

28 May 2006

Do you think we'll ever beat the speed of light?

20 November 2005

How is thunder and lightning made, and what causes it?

23 October 2005

Many years ago I was told that six foot fluorescent strip lights are more efficient and need less energy than tungsten...

02 October 2005

How does a light bulb work?

31 October 2004

How long will it be before our current Big Bang theory is out of date?

18 March 2003

How do we know the big bang happened if there was no-one there to see it?