How long should you turn off a fluorescent for?

20 January 2008



Love your show, Chris. Can you help us with the following question? Fluorescent lights are already efficient when they’re running but I’ve heard that it takes a lot of energy to turn a fluorescent light tube on. So is it more efficient to turn off a fluorescent tube immediately when you’ve finished using it or is it better to leave it on and then wait until you’re more likely to not use it again for a while?


In the old days the older technology meant that these lights did consume a lot of energy to start but once they were running they were more efficient. I think that the new technology with the new starters built into them they're much better but I don't know. If anyone has the answer to that question about the energy consumption and the starting costs of a fluorescent tube, a modern fluorescent tube I'd be very interested to know.


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