12 June 2018

Bee stings hurt, but why do they hurt the bee even more?

27 March 2018

It's not *that* bad, Cambridge University's Bobby Seagull explained why.

10 October 2017

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21 March 2017

The "flying hypodermic" can pass on malaria, but what about AIDS?

20 January 2017

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16 September 2014

If you accidentally relocate a social insect, like an ant or a bee, in your car will they join another colony or will...

02 December 2013

Why do lights lure moths and other insects at night? Are they mistaking the glow of a lamp for for faint luminscence of...

30 May 2013

We find out if street lights are affecting nature. Plus we ask, what is the tallest mountain possible?

21 February 2013

Research has suggested flies can smell meat from 7kms away. Is this true and how do we know?

24 January 2013

Can electronic devices that emit high-frequency sounds repel mosquitoes? If so, how?