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19 May 2020

Do we all have the same number of nerve endings, regardless of body size?

05 May 2020

Do we really need an appendix?

21 April 2020

Everyone has gut bacteria that keep them healthy. How do babies get them if they're born by caesarian section?

07 April 2020

Or is the idea all smoke and mirrors?

05 March 2020

Would this protect communities where the coronavirus hasn't yet established?

05 March 2020

Are the victims younger? Or have they maybe developed antibodies?

05 March 2020

Listener Lorna had this query about her own cancer treatment...

03 March 2020

Does a bigger dog have a bigger brain?

25 February 2020

Will it sterilise the sponge?

04 February 2020

What are the tried and true methods?

04 February 2020

How does somthing like that get going?

04 February 2020

Why was cyanide Agatha Christie's poison of choice?

04 February 2020

Why don't we use MRIs to diagnose depression?

14 January 2020

Why do some people sneeze when they eat dark chocolate?

07 January 2020

DNA mutates all that time, so what's to stop it affecting an important part of our biology?

10 December 2019

Do hairs grow out grey, or do hairs that had colour eventually turn grey?

03 December 2019

How does cancer evade the immune system?

03 December 2019

Why are we focused on pigs?

03 December 2019

How long can we keep hearts alive outside of the body?

03 December 2019

What actually is a calorie...

03 December 2019

What makes our own cells safe from antibiotics?

03 December 2019

"What's worse - fat or sugar? Who really are the bad guys nutritionally speaking?"

03 December 2019

Can your mood influence your immune health?

03 December 2019

Can a broken heart harm your health?