09 October 2018

Or is this behaviour unique to humans?

24 May 2009

People with more education tend to delay having children until later in life, and have fewer - does this mean that the...

01 October 2006

Who would win a fight between a hippo and a polar bear?

16 July 2006

Why is a chilli called a chilli when it's hot?

28 May 2006

Why doesn't nature make any straight lines?

02 April 2006

Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

04 December 2005

I've heard that there's a single origin for the emergence of Homo sapiens. Is there any scientific background...

27 November 2005

From a scientific rather than a religious point of view, why should there be a universe? Why isn't there just...

06 March 2005

I was hypnotised and thought I was a Dutch girl from 1815. Was this my former life?

27 February 2005

Will man be come extinct like the dinosaurs?

30 January 2005

If there are parallel universes, do you think Elvis might still be alive and making hits in another?

30 January 2005

Do you think it's possible that future man could have conquered time travel and be coming back to look at us?

19 March 2003

Where does the rainbow end?

18 March 2003

Why do animals have to die?