Answers to Physics Questions

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17 December 2019

What's the best way to heat your home?

03 December 2019

Is the universe really expanding?

03 December 2019

What's going on at CERN?

03 December 2019

What on Earth is a neutrino?

05 November 2019

How much acceleration can the human body stand?

29 October 2019

If you wipe dew of a windshield at below-zero, why does it suddenly freeze solid?

15 October 2019

What will be the impact of SpaceX's Starlink project?

10 September 2019

If you could break open a quark, what would you find inside?

10 September 2019

The number, not the dessert...

20 August 2019

And why are humans excluded from the area?

13 August 2019

It's always harder after you've just shut it...

30 July 2019

Listener Manik wanted to know how you can tell whether a painting is of a sunset or a sunrise...

18 June 2019

If gold is so dense, and helium is so gaseous...

18 June 2019

It's a word you hear a lot, but what does it actually involved?

07 May 2019

Are they the same age? How do we know?

07 May 2019

And if so, how? Physicist Ben McAllister explains all...

07 May 2019

And what are the advantages and disadvantages of using nuclear power?

30 April 2019

How come you can't see faint stars when you look directly at them?

19 March 2019

Why are they so unhappy in monogamous relationships?

12 March 2019

Should we be worried about electromagnetic field from phone towers and smart meters?

12 March 2019

And why does burnt toast set them off?

12 March 2019

Time for physicist Adam to chat atoms.

08 January 2019

How does universe expansion work?