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02 October 2005

When mix two colours of paint together, say red and green, you get brown. But if you mix red and green light together,...

02 October 2005

There's a rhyme that goes 'Red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Red sky at morning, shepherd's...

02 October 2005

How does a light bulb work?

31 October 2004

How long will it be before our current Big Bang theory is out of date?

31 October 2004

what is absolute zero?

17 October 2004

why it is that you sometimes see two rainbows in the sky?

10 October 2004

If your eyes respond to light, then how can you see black?

10 October 2004

I'd like to know why the sky is blue normally, but red at sunset?

21 March 2003

Why do my Dog's Eyes Shine When I Point a Light at Him?

19 March 2003

Where does the rainbow end?

18 March 2003

How do we know the big bang happened if there was no-one there to see it?

07 July 2002

Why can birds sit on a power line and not be electrocuted?