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21 May 2006

Is white noise something to do with gravity or the big bang?

14 May 2006

Do TV and radio signals travel vertically, and if they do, do they disappear or travel off into space forever? If so,...

14 May 2006

I was listening to my radio one night and I noticed that when I turned on my desk light there was a little blip of...

30 April 2006

We know that we're living on a nuclear furnace and heat's being made all the time in the core. Is there no...

09 April 2006

Why do bubbles of gas form on the sides of the bath or glass while or after you have run the water?

12 February 2006

Why is it that when you put something metal in the microwave, you get a firework display, and yet the inside of the...

05 February 2006

If you spill some water on the kitchen floor, it's obviously very slippery. Yet when you want to turn the pages...

18 December 2005

Was the Star of Bethlehem a real astronomical event?

27 November 2005

What's gravity made of?

27 November 2005

If our weight is the difference between gravity and the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation, why are we not...

20 November 2005

How is thunder and lightning made, and what causes it?

06 November 2005

How's a rainbow made in the sky?

06 November 2005

When you snap a glowstick, what makes it glow?

23 October 2005

Many years ago I was told that six foot fluorescent strip lights are more efficient and need less energy than tungsten...

16 October 2005

I'm in contention with someone at work, who is saying something that I don't believe is true. He maintains...

16 October 2005

When you let the water out of the bath, why does the water spiral down the plug hole?

16 October 2005

You said earlier that you would weigh 13 tonnes if you lived on Jupiter. Would your bones be able to withstand that, or...

02 October 2005

When mix two colours of paint together, say red and green, you get brown. But if you mix red and green light together,...

02 October 2005

There's a rhyme that goes 'Red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Red sky at morning, shepherd's...

02 October 2005

How does a light bulb work?

31 October 2004

How long will it be before our current Big Bang theory is out of date?

31 October 2004

what is absolute zero?

17 October 2004

why it is that you sometimes see two rainbows in the sky?

10 October 2004

If your eyes respond to light, then how can you see black?