09 October 2018

It was over to planetary geologist David Rothery

09 October 2018

And how are planets born in the first place?

11 September 2018

Does the size of a planet determine the size of the life forms that live there?

15 May 2018

And why all the confusion with Pluto?

15 May 2018

Is it gas the whole way through?

15 May 2018

Sunsets on the red planet aren't what you'd expect...

20 February 2018

Should we be worried about an asteroid apocalypse?

05 December 2017

Any why do we have two tides a day?

03 October 2017

Would Saturn's moon make a nice holiday home?

03 October 2017

There's a big gap between Mars and Jupiter: but why?

23 May 2017

I know there have been many missions to the moon and it's incredible to think humans have walked on its surface!...

07 March 2017

How does Jupiter's moon Io get the energy needed to heat it up?

07 March 2017

Why do new planets have such terrible names?

10 January 2017

...and where does the sky end?

18 October 2016

Could a jaunt to Jupiter be the physics-version of anti-wrinkle cream?