11 September 2018

Is it the battle of the sexes? Or the battle of the ages?

11 September 2018

And what about using hands-free devices in the car?

11 September 2018

Who's at more risk; car drivers or motorcyclists?

10 October 2017

It's Question of the Week and we've been buzzing about this question from John..

08 August 2017

Can exposure to light change our body clock?

07 February 2017

If cats can't see red light, why do they chase lasers so much?

13 September 2016

This time, Kevin asked why line drying makes clothes rougher and stiffer than tumble drying...

28 June 2016

How do octopuses camouflage if they are colour blind?

02 February 2016

We think we know what we sound like but when we hear our voices back it's always a surprise, why is this?

19 January 2016

We've all had days when we're tired and wish we didn't have dark circles under our eyes. But why do we...