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02 October 2005

How long does it take the sun's rays to reach Pluto?

02 October 2005

Why does it get darker earlier in the winter than it does in the summer?

20 March 2005

How many cells are there in the brain, and how powerful is a black hole?

30 January 2005

If a meteorite hit the earth, could life be blown onto other planets?

30 January 2005

Is it possible that life on Mars managed to hitch a ride on a meteorite and started life on Earth?

19 December 2004

Are there any substances on other planets that can be used for energy?

28 November 2004

I was looking at the moon and saw what looked like a huge great rock float past it. What was it?

17 October 2004

Does the sun affect the tides like the moon?

20 March 2003

How long until the sun is a mile in diameter?

19 March 2003

Where does the rainbow end?

17 March 2003

Why don't rockets leave big holes in the ground when they launch?