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06 November 2005

I have recently bought these cool hand warmers that are filled with a gel and a metal disc. When you bend the metal...

23 October 2005

What's the difference between fuel sold in the winter and in the summer?

02 October 2005

How does a light bulb work?

13 March 2005

I haven't heard anything for about 6 months about drilling into Lake Vostok. I was wondering how people were...

30 January 2005

Could bomb testing make the world fall apart or cause tsunamis?

23 January 2005

Can you still get brain damage even if your mobile phone is switched off?

16 January 2005

When do you think it will be possible to experience direct input into the brain and will we be able to have false...

16 January 2005

What does the word bionic actually mean and how would a bionic object be incorporated into the body?

16 January 2005

I want to say that I'm very much in favour of the work Kevin is doing. I think it's great to look into...

05 December 2004

Can you use spectroscopy to spot whether ID cards are real, or faked on a home printer?

28 November 2004

How does breathable waterproof clothing work?

03 October 2004

why can't you tune into TV programmes on the radio?