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06 November 2018

Will artificial intelligence make me redundant?

06 November 2018

Are electric planes the vehicles of the future, or just a pipe dream?

11 September 2018

The whole panel joined in to tackle this listener question...

27 March 2018

Do we need to start panicking, or what?

27 March 2018

Is that even possible?!

27 March 2018

And if so, how much light do we need?

05 December 2017

There a NEW dating app in town...

14 November 2017

Egyptologist, Meghan Strong, explains how ancient writing was used at the time.

03 October 2017

Is this condition backed up by the science?

05 September 2017

Talking microchips and microprocessors....

04 September 2017

Is there a future for wearable computers?

04 September 2017

Cracking the code of code machines...

08 August 2017

Is it the same as humans?

08 August 2017

And if so what can we do about it?

08 August 2017

Did two artificial intelligences really invent their own language?

13 June 2017

We keep hearing how smart dolphins are, have we ever been able to communicate with them in any meaningful way

13 June 2017

Is there any technology which can help us run faster or be stronger? Like the iron-man suit?”

04 April 2017

What makes people so susceptible to new techno crazes?

07 February 2017

Why do we still have physical keys when passcodes are so effective?