What's the point of eyebrows?

27 June 2010



What's the point of eyebrows?


Helen - What's the point of eyebrows? To look lovely so we can paint them in and be very beautiful. No! The main theory is, the eyebrows - rather muckily - stop sweat from dropping into our eyes. In fact, the prominent brow that we have, and our ancestors had, is to help to stop us having to mop our brows quite so much. If you watch hot tennis players at the moment in Wimbledon, you might see that having eyebrows does help, and I think that people have said that if you lose an eyebrow, or if you shave it off - or if your friends do perhaps, then you will get more sweat in your eyes. I think it does seem to actually work especially if you've got big bushy eyebrows. That really does help to mop things up. So don't pluck all your eyebrows out, unless you want to be impairing your vision on hot days!


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