15 May 2018

Things left in water for a while usually degrade, does this affect the animals that live there?

15 May 2018

Have scientists made up their minds?

15 May 2018

And how do we know what they used to eat?

15 May 2018

Without light cycles, do ocean creatures have a body clock?

15 May 2018

Dinosaurs became huge, are there any more around today?

15 May 2018

Step aside Captain America, shrimp are the world record holder for the fastest punch. But how do they do it?

15 May 2018

There are many invisible animals in the ocean, but less so on land, why?

27 March 2018

How do they know if their queen dies?

20 February 2018

Are there any two-timers in the animal kingdom?

20 February 2018

How common is conflict with love rivals in the animal kingdom?

16 January 2018

Do all animals sleep? And do any plants or bacteria?

19 December 2017

Fish sometimes open their mouths, but is it yawning?

03 October 2017

How do eels get their shocking abilities?

04 April 2017

Why do herbivores have such diverse poos?

07 February 2017

If cats can't see red light, why do they chase lasers so much?

07 February 2017

Which animal would come out of the ring alive?

06 February 2017

Is the blue whale really the longest animal?

10 January 2017

The taste of milk can change depending on what the cow's eaten. But is this enough to taste like strawberries?