Answers to Science Questions

20 September 2022

And if so, how did it get there?

20 September 2022

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20 September 2022

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20 September 2022

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20 September 2022

Is releasing methane into the atmosphere more harmful than CO2?

20 September 2022

Is there a second brain located in our stomach?

20 September 2022

The feasibility of weapons that you can wear...

20 September 2022

Bruce asks whether there might be any connection between the miscarriages in his family and their farm animals

26 August 2022

We answer a question from you!

19 July 2022

What impact does the reduced gravity have on the effectiveness of explosives?

05 July 2022

Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it isn't...

28 June 2022

And can they damage electrical goods?

31 May 2022

Her in the UK fields of rapeseed run parallel to the roads, can you smell them?

17 May 2022

As the Earth is always spinning, can we harness this motion to produce power like turbines do with wind?

26 April 2022

Would charging your phone make it heavier?

12 April 2022

Is this current flaw in electric cars something to be shocked about?

05 April 2022

Deciphering the odd letters in our DNA can help us identify some health conditions...

21 March 2022

Would living on the moon mean birthdays arrive quicker?

11 March 2022

We find the answer to this head-shoulder-knee-toes-scratcher.

08 March 2022

Does your mind also slip into different accents when thinking about things?

24 February 2022

Spacetime conundrums give Hollywood a run for their money...

24 February 2022

As much as you try and clean your house, the pests are always going to come back...

24 February 2022

What is the relationship between these ominous sounding entities...