Answers to Science Questions

29 June 2021

If they ate the same things, would their gut bugs be the same?

29 June 2021

The trillions of organisms in the human body - how do they get there?

29 June 2021

Lemon and lime juice - if it gets on your skin - can cause a nasty rash in the sun. Why?

29 June 2021

Brain and bodyweight expert Giles Yeo says 'calories don't count'. Why?

29 June 2021

What force makes duct tape stick to a wall?

29 June 2021

How does full sugar compare to artificial sweeteners?

29 June 2021

Given the Big Bang was such a quick expansion, are we at risk of equally quickly shrinking down again?

22 June 2021

Snakes are smooth, so why are crocodiles?

14 June 2021

Will a can of soda dropped in the ocean sink until it implodes, or float once it reaches equilibrium?

08 June 2021

Is it true that every single snowflake is unique?

24 May 2021

If overcooking kills nutrients in veggies, can we overcook junk food to remove the risk of weight gain?

18 May 2021

We're looking into this wee-lly important question...

10 May 2021

Despite subzero temperatures outside, they still appear and buzz about your house. Where do they hide out?

27 April 2021

What actually is a zip file?

20 April 2021

We look at this exciting question

30 March 2021

"How do different creatures get different numbers of chromosomes?"

23 March 2021

Do cows get bored eating grass?

16 March 2021

Why aren't all batteries rechargeable?

02 March 2021

How can you make a normal TV look 3D?

23 February 2021

What were the health impacts of the vastly different diets and lifestyles of aristocrats and peasants?

16 February 2021

How would being in space affect the development of a foetus?

09 February 2021

Assuming there are a finite number of musical notes, how many years until no more music could be created?

09 February 2021

Paola asks: would 'woven' blood vessels be able to perform diffusion properly?